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Sarah Turner hand makes beautiful & unique lighting, sculptures, flowers & artworks by upcycling waste materials such as plastic bottles & cans.


Her upcycled creations are sold in shops, galleries and of course in our online shop. Sarah can also be commissioned for one off projects and can deliver creative recycling workshops for both children and adults.

All of Sarah’s work is made in her studio in Nottingham from bottles collected from local cafes and households.  She frosts the bottles by sandblasting them then she dyes them the vibrant colours.  Then with some intricate cutting and sculpting she transforms them into high quality, unique designs. With many of her designs the materials are so transformed you can't tell that they used to be waste materials.  

Sarah’s design ethos is that "just because a product is made from rubbish, it doesn’t mean it needs to look like it does!"

She thrives on the challenge of creating something beautiful from waste materials. She analyses the natural properties and features of the waste material and takes advantage of them, using them in a new and creative way.

Sarah's eco designs have been exhibited at prestigious shows in London, Milan, Paris, LA and locally in Nottingham where she is based. Take a look at the Exhibitions page for news of upcoming events and photos of previous shows.



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