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Upcycled Butterfly Canvases

Nottingham City Council commissioned Sarah to create three artworks for the Trash to Treasure Festival.

Each butterfly is cut from a colourful waste drinks can all collected by local homes and businesses. Sarah then carefully arranges them in the different compositions using a pair of tweezers.

The series of artworks are entitled 'Metamorphosis', making a comparison of how the cans are transformed into something beautiful like a caterpillar being transformed into a butterfly.

Sarah says 'I'm really pleased with how each of the three pictures turned out and I can't wait to experiment with waste cans further.'

The three artworks are on display at Sobar on Friar Lane until the end of March.

Please contact us if you are interested in any upcycled artworks.

***update*** A full range of upcycled can pictures are now available to purchase from the online shop.


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