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Leftover Light

We try very hard to create as little rubbish as possible and the Leftover Light is a prime example.

The shade is made from the waste polypropylene created when making lights such as the Cola 10, Cola 30 and Flower Lights.

Polypropylene sheets are used to create the internal base which the plastic bottles are secured to in these three styles of light. These sheets are laser cut to create the bases, then the remainder of the sheet is used to create this shade.

The waste leftover sheets are randomly tangled together to create a fun, messy, spherical form. The curvaceous shapes created look beautiful when light is shone through.

The photographed shade uses 20 sheets and is around 450mm in diameter. The shade can be made to the size you require using more sheets. At this size the price is £80.

  The availability of the shade depends on the amount of waste leftover sheets available so please contact us to check availability. Also please let us know what size you were thinking of so we can provide you with a price. Payment can be made via PayPal, bank transfer or cheque.
Leftover Light Leftover Light Leftover Light Leftover Light Leftover Light
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