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Upcycled Can Pictures:

These simple yet elegant artworks are all handmade from waste drinks cans which have been collected from local homes and businesses.

Each piece is carefully selected and cut out into the various butterfly and dragonfly shapes. The pieces are then precisely placed into position with a pair of tweezers.

The price includes your choice of either a black or a white frame.

If you would like a bespoke picture made using your favourite recycled cans or upcycled materials then just contact us to discuss what you would like and this can normally be made for you for the same price. Click to see bespoke examples of work.

There are many different size options. Please click on the icons below to see the full range of pictures.


Mini Frames £14


Small Pictures £35

  Medium Pictures £45    
Picture size: 8cm x 8cm   Picture size: 12 x 12cm   Picture size: 23 x 23cm    
Frame size: 12cm x 12cm   Frame Size: 25cm x 25cm   Frame Size: 25cm x 25cm    




  (small frame without mount)    
Large Picures £75   Extra Large Pictures £145   Canvases £200+    
Picture size: 30 x 30cm   Picture size: 50 x 50cm   from 60cm x 60cm & larger    
Frame Size: 52cm x 52cm   Frame Size: 52cm x 52cm        
    (large frame without mount)        
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