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Large Canvases - from £200

The artist Sarah Turner creates hundreds of butterflies, all cut from waste drinks cans to create each artwork. These larger pictures are made on canvas at the size and style of your choice. From a distance the artwork really makes an impact with the colours blending together beautifully, close up the detail in the cans and the butterfly forms can really be enjoyed.

Each canvas is made to order, they can be made in your choice of style and colour. Please contact us directly to discuss your artwork.

Size and price guide:

60 x 60cm - £200

70 x 70cm - £275

80 x 80cm - £350

90 x 90cm - £425

1m x 1m - £500

All prices exclude framing and delivery

Here are some examples of previous orders, please click on each picture to enlarge the image:

70 x 70cm   80 x 80cm   60 x 60cm    
Circle Design   Classic Design   Swoosh Design    
Grey, Blue, Silver   Rainbow Colours   Red, Orange, Yellow    
80 x 80cm   80 x 80cm        
Swoosh Design   Circle Design        
Red, Purple, Pink, Silver   Green, Blue, Silver        
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