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Daisy 12


Plastic Bottle Roses

A romantic rose that will last forever! These handmade plastic bottle roses make a perfect gift for a loved one.

Each individual petal is hand cut from a 2 litre plastic bottle. They are then sandblasted to turn them white then dyed the vibrant colours. The petals are then assembled around a stem made from stainless steel.

The roses look great in a 330ml glass Coca-Cola or Fanta bottle 'vase'. Each waste glass bottle is sandblasted white making a gorgeous eco vase.

Flower Size: 80mm wide x 65mm tall approx

Stem Length: 300mm approx

If you would like a different colour then the standard ones shown then please just let us know. This can normally be made at no extra cost. Please note that the colour may fade over time if placed in direct sunlight.

Also if you would like the stem to be a different length then please let us know and this can be changed.

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Delivery is free to the UK, £3 extra to the EU and £6 extra for the rest of the world. Please add this to cart when ordering.

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