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Plastic Bottle Wedding Bouquets

A unique, upcycled wedding bouquet that will not only look beautiful but will be a lasting memento of your special day.

After the wedding, bouquets can be displayed at home or kept somewhere safe as a souvenir.

All bouquets are handmade to order to suit your own design and wedding colour scheme. The roses are made from 2 litre waste plastic bottles. First the bottles are sandblasted to make them white then dyed to your choice of colour. Then each petal is handcut then skilfully assembled on a steel stem. Additional sandblasted and melted plastic bottles are added to the bouquet and padding and ribbons are added to the stems.

The bouquets are available in three different sizes:

Large £165 - 12 roses, suitable for the bride.

Medium £95 - 7 roses, suitable for the bride or bridesmaids

Small £45 - 3 roses, suitable for bridesmaids or flower girls.

Button Holes £15 each.

As well as being bouquets for the wedding day, they also make great wedding gifts. With the roses coloured to suit the wedding's colour scheme, this would make a special gift for the couple's home.

If you are interested in wedding bouquets then please contact us and we can discuss your size and colour requirements. The last image shows examples of rose colours.

Please note that the colour may fade over time if placed in direct sunlight.






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