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Sarah was one of the 150 artists to travel to Roubaix, France for their annual Braderie de l'Art. The Braderie is a fantastic 24 hour non-stop event where artists make work from recycled materials in front of the visitors. All the works are then available to buy for 1 - 300 euros.

The artists were able to pick the materials they wanted to use from a warehouse full of rubbish.

Sarah says

" The warehouse of rubbish was like Disney World for me! I loved picking through it and finding hidden treasures to make new creations with"

Sarah and her two assistants made many works in the 24 hours of the event including:

  • a stool made from a cable drum and Coca-Cola bed sheet
  • a lampshade made from chocolate trays
  • a Christmas tree from packing straps, a ski pole and a swivel chair base
  • a Christmas wreath from packing straps and a bicycle tyre
  • a cake stand made from records and wooden chandelier parts
  • cork boards from wine corks
  • a lamp base from scrap wood

It was an absolutely fantastic experience and we are sure we will be returning for next years event!


Making the Coca-Cola Cable Drum Stool:

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