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Ella is hand made from the ends of different sized plastic drinks bottles.

The light was initially nicknamed ‘Ella’ when it was being made as it resembled an umbrella... but the nickname stuck!

The ends of each plastic bottle are cut off simply with a pair of scissors. Don't worry, the rest of the bottle doesn't go to waste, they are all used in other designs Sarah makes. The bottle ends are then sandblasted to turn them white then skilfully pieced together by hand gradually building the gorgeous round shape.

Sarah says:

"The ends of plastic bottles are a gorgeous form, it's a shame you don't really get to see them. Ella really shows off this part of the waste material."

The first Ella Sarah made was huge at over one metre wide and used 310 plastic bottles! This original Ella was first displayed at the Ideal Home Show in their full sized show home at Earls Court. The design has since been exhibited in many different shows including Designers Block, Tent London and Nottingham Castle and has gone on to win awards. This original Ella has now been bought by Four Rooms dealer, David Sonnenthal on the Channel 4 TV programme.


Original Ella (over 1 metre wide)

Ella Ella Ella Ella Ella EllaElla Ella Ella Ella Ella Ella

Different sized Ellas:

Ella Ella

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Ella is handmade to order and is made to your specific size requirements. Due to the handmade nature the size may be slightly larger or smaller.

Delivery is free for the UK. If you are ordering outside of the UK please contact us for a delivery quote.

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